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For information on the speaking and sponsorship opportunities at our 2024 summit, please contact Sarah Kingham on


Our 2021 agenda was as follows (EST timing):

9:30am – 9:35am – My Digital Shelf welcome speech


Sarah Kingham, Director, My Digital Shelf



9:35 – 9:45 – Chairperson introduction and event overview

Erin McKeever,
Marketing Manager, eCommerce & Digital, Kruger Products  ​



9:45am – 10:10am – Global eCommerce Brand activation during the Pandemic – Successes and lessons learnt


Guy Keeling, Vice President Global eCommerce, Barilla ​


  • Get the tips on how to drive significant growth online during the pandemic and keep up with demand across multiple global markets 

  • Hear about Barilla's Global Centre of eCommerce Expertise that is being rolled out in 2021 and the key factors in their blueprint for it

  • Discover how to leverage other eCommerce platforms, such as online food delivery services, to increase your online sales during the pandemic and beyond

  • Learn how to measure the value and success of your eCommerce activations across different grocery retailers and online platforms 




10:10 – 10:35am – The digital opportunity with Food Aggregators for CPG brands

Simon Miles, VP, Global OmniChannel Commercial Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company
Jennifer Hutton, Director, Global Aggregators, The Coca-Cola Company


  • Discover what your brand can learn from young and successful start-up aggregators such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Getir, Just Eat, Deliveroo and more

  • Learn the ways in which your brands can partner with these global Aggregators and grow your online brand visibility

  • Hear case studies on successful CPG brand partnerships with a leading global aggregator and the key lessons learn for your brands to consider


10:35am – 11:00am – Winning the Digital Shelf: How CPG Brands are Building Their Teams for eCommerce Success in Canada


Enrico Del Grande, Digital & CRM Director, Lassonde

Tricia Williams, Managing Partner + Client Success Leader, geekspeak Commerce



11:00am - 11:20am - Virtual Networking Coffee Break



11:20 – 11:45am – The impact of the shift to omniChannel on CPG companies


Marcelina Fedczyszyn, Customer Success Director, Data Impact

  • Get the tips and insights into organizational tools and processes for the new OmniChannel approach to shopper marketing

  • Hear the latest insights from a leading CPG on how their business is moving towards an OmniChannel approach with their strategies  

  • Discover what the main data/KPI to monitor distribution are for your CPG business 

  • Hear about who the new players on the market are what your brands can learn from them 

  • Learn about the rising importance of media to engage with the online shopper and how you can leverage this




11:45am – 12:10pm – Full funnel Key Performance Indicators to maximize CPG brand Growth 

Ariane Friesen, Associate Marketing Director, Ecommerce & Media Lead, The Clorox Company

  • Build out your cross-functional eCommerce & Brand KPIs & scorecards by business objective

  • Learn how to get your cross-functional team laser-focused on the areas they can impact

  • Get learnings & insights into focusing your leadership teams teams on the KPIs that matter


12:15pm – 12:40pm – Roundtable Discussion I



12:40 – 1:15pm – Networking Virtual Lunch Break



1:15pm  2:05pm Walmart Canada’s Retail disruption and increasing Online Grocery Sales

Saeed Anslow, VP, Online Grocery & OmniChannel, Walmart Canada

  • Get the latest updates from Walmart on their online approach in a post COVID world – increased capacity, increased assortment and speed of service and how this can boost your brands’ online sales 

  • Discover some of the global eCommerce learnings and how these are being implemented in Walmart Canada 


2:10pm – 2:35pm – Roundtable Discussion II



2:35pm – 3:00pm – eCommerce pricing strategies for CPGs – a brand perspective  

Lizbeth James, COE Head - Digital Transformation, Mars Petcare


  • Learn some of the best practices and principles to create an effective eCommerce pricing structure for CPGs

  • Learnings from Lizbeth’s experience working with leading CPGs on how to improve the pricing strategies and overcome it’s challenges and obstacles

  • Get insights into tools required for eCommerce pricing structure and what your brands can learn from this


3:00pm – 3:25pm – How to navigate challenges on Amazon for CPGs - A case study 


Vivek Rastogi, Director of eCommerce, Colgate-Palmolive


  • Hear a case study from Colgate Palmolive USA on how to navigate the challenges on Amazon for CPG companies – from lessons learnt to tips for success

  • Discover the key differences between Amazon and traditional brick and mortar grocery retailers and how to adapt your retailer strategies accordingly

  • Get the tips and insights on going beyond the basics with Amazon for CPGs and ensure your brands stand out in their categories


3:25pm – 3:35pm – Chairperson Closing remarks

3:35pm – 4:00pm – Understanding the changing B2B landscape in FMCG eCommerce

Marta Dalton, Global Director B2B & B2B2C eCommerce, Unilever

  • Get an overview of what’s changing in B2B eCommerce and how you can adapt these learnings to both your B2B and B2C strategies

  • Get the latest tips and insights on how to adapt your strategies for loyalty and personalisation with key customers for online success

  • Learn about the differences between customers and consumers and how you can optimise your engagement with them accordingly


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